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What is an artist bear?

This is a question often asked. One difference between artist bears and manufactered bears is that artist bears are limited to small editions or even One of a Kind teddy bears. Moreover, they are designed and made by inividual artists from design to finish in order to ensure a coherent realization of the artistic design. It takes a lot of time from the idea to the finished bear. This and the fact that artist bears are often One of a Kind make these bears more expensive but also more valuable for collectors.

How it all began:

Teddy bears have always had a special place in my life. As a child, I had an old Hermann teddy which was a gift from my mother. This bear (I've called him Hermann) was also the childhood bear from my mother before. But as so often when I grown older, Hermann was forgotten for a while and was sitting on the attic for some years. But I'm happy that I still have him and now he is sitting beside my bed. I feel that I keep that part of my childhood with Hermann.
But my passion for teddy bears began in the year 1994 when I passed a shop on my way to work and saw several artist bears looking at me from the window. It was love at first sight. In the shop there was held a bear maker course which I attended. I was fascinated by my first made teddy bear and was affected by the so-called "bear virus" from that very moment. Soon I began designing my own teddy bears and called them “Lovable Fellows”.
To this day bear making is still my passion. I love experimenting with new materials, patterns and techniques, so my teddies are One-of-a-Kind. My head is full of new ideas and I love to create a large variety of styles. I love the antique looking bears which look like they were loved by generations of family members and I also love whimsical creations. The reason why Bear Making is still fascinating for me after 26 years now is to make not only one sort of teddy bears.
Most important for me is that every bear has its own personality and is a real pal: a "Lovable Fellow". They have to convey that they really live.
I spend a lot of time in each of my creations therefore I make only a few in a year and I only use high-quality materials like Steiff Schulte Mohair, imported luxurious faux fur and others.
Over the years, I have been honored with several awards for my work. However, my greatest joy comes from those who love my bears. It makes me happy that my teddy bears have found new homes all over the world.

A Star is Born...

A very special episode in my live as a bear artist began some years ago when the British movie maker Karl Holt asked me to develop a sewing pattern and sew a bear after his design. "Benny" got the title role in Karl's horror movie "Benny Loves You". But see for yourself. Here is the link to the official trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tL1fCW2BqLY&feature=youtu.be and to Benny's website: https://darkline.co.uk/benny-loves-you/ . The movie has already received several awards.


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